Arb Camp 2012

Arb camp first began in Sweden in 2005 at Gunnebo Slott. Then called the ”Burning hitch” climbers met to climb together and share ideas in September, at the end of the climbing competition season, lots of ideas to share.

In 2010 we first ran a Scandinavian Arb Camp in Hjo on a more formal basis with practical workshops along with the usual tree sleep and festivities.

This year SAF Styrelse wants to offer its members the best possible in terms of an all round practical learning and networking experience. Therefore the 2012 Arb camp will be a multi dimensional programme combining theroetical concepts with hands on experience, fun competition, and partying.

Download the program here (PDF 475KB)


Fredag 31 augusti 12.00-14.00

SAF styrelse möte och organisations grupp träffar för dagens lunch Restaurang Frestelsen Hjo stads park.
Uppställning av tält, demonstrations område och dag ordning.

Fredag Kvällen 18.00 drinks och gemensam diskussion Bar Frestelsen (under eken) alla välkomna.

Lördag 1st September

In English for our international visitors.
08.00-9.00 Registration of delegates. Mary Ann Fargo.
09.00. Opening welcome from the SAF committee.
Practical Workshop 9.10-11.00 Climb with the Champions.

Johan Gustavsson (European Champion2012), Scott Forest (World Champion 2011), Tomas Hegner Danish Champion 2012, will take small groups of climbers for 1 to 1 tuition in the beech trees of the Stads park. No more than 12 climbers may take part, so register early and be prepared with your kit in good order for inspection prior to climbing.

They will focus on access into the canopy and movement within the trees,, balance and position. You will get the oppourtinity to climb with them and learn from the best there is.

Technical workshop

9.00-10.00 The New generation Husqvarna saws.

Husqvarna technician and Säkerskog chainsaw instructor Mikael Austad, will talk about the technical developments surounding the new range of Husqvarna auto tune chainsaws 540,550 560 xp. He will also introduce and talk about the development of the new battery driven top handled saw.

Technical Workshop

10.15-11-15 Precision felling.

Mikael Sundberg, Game of Logging World champion, and Hans Tunberg, Champs of logging instructor will discuss the measurement and estimation of side lean, back lean and pulling loads required to accurately fell large trees.

They will take you through tree height estimation and the complexities of required hinge thickness according to stem diameter and wood fiber compression strengths.

Practical Workshop.

11.15-12.00 Footlock clinic for climbers. Rob Ironside and Johan Gustavsson.

The two footlock head to head finalists in this years European Championships will be running a short and intensive footlock training programme. Both Rob and Johan have been European Footlock record holders over 15 meters and they will give you tuition on how best to train for this event and also the best and most effective footlock techniques.

Technical workshop.

11.15-12.00 Rope construction, materials and applications.

Riggers and splicers from Liros Ropes will be demonstrating and discussing rope design and application covering rope materials such as dyneema, kevlar, polyester, PBO, Vectran and the single double and tripple braid configurations. They will also introduce new dynomometer load caculation devices for assessment of loads in rigging and climbing systems.

12.00–12.45 Lunch

Hot dogs at Sloppy Joes Grill. Josef Carey will be grilling the finest Taylor and Jones English sausages as only he can.

13.00-14-00 Practical workshop.

Step up to SRT. With Matti dahlström.

Our old friend Matti Dahlström, along with Scott Forest, and Douglas Wells will be giving you instruction on single rope technique and the enormous variety of set ups for this effective canopy access system. If you don’t already use SRT don’t miss this workshop, if you do, hang out anyway because there some new stuff about. Fresh from the climbing competitions.

13.00-14.00 Technical workshop.

Zen and the art of saw chain maintenance. With Chainsaw world champion Svante Hanson.

Anyone will tell you that the secret to safe, effortless chainsaw operation lies in how you sharpen your chain. Accurate cutting and maximum performance from your saw lies in the attention to detail you have when finely sharpening the cutters and accurately setting depth gauge height.

Meet a man who has taken saw maintenance to the next level and listen you years of experience as Svante takes you through the basics but also show you how to get that extra edge to both your saw and your productivity in the wood. Saw chain sharpening really is an art, not an exact science.

14.00-15.00 Practical workshops.

Aerial rescue and Emergancy contingency. Douglas Wells, Johan Gustavsson, and special guest…….if well enough.

The guys will run you through, risk assessment, planning for rescue, some rescue systems, and there will be a discussion around actual accident scenarios. What it is actually like be be disabled in an accident at work and how it changes your life and your family.

14.00-15.00 Technical workshops.

Splicing with Liros ropes. Jon hartill and Liros.

Splicers and rigger from liros will demonstrate how to splice single and double braids and introduce the rope shackle.

15.00-17.00 Practical workshops.

Dancing with trees !

European champion Joey G and World champion Forrest Gump will give us a display of the latest canopy work position systems, including use of re-directs, traverse systems, double anchors, mid line anchor and final anchor solutions.

The guys will discuss developments in equipment technologies and new techniques from this years international competitions.

17.30-18.15 Practical workshop.

Yoga by the lake with Leon Harishwammi-Martini.

A special brand of Yoga aimed specifically at stretching out the arborist body, to reduce injury at work and stiffness afterwork.

17.30-18.15 Splicing workshop continues for those that want to..!
18.15-18.30 Safe T-cut demonstration.
20.00 till late. Sleep in trees and Party.

Söndag 2 September i Stadsparken.

10.00-14-00 Tree biomechanics. Frank Rinn, Cilla Lundström, Jon Hartill.
Lunch 12.00, Sloppy Joes leftovers.
  • How strong is a tree?
  • What loads can it take?
  • What affects bending strength?
  • How do trees make physiological adaptations in response to decay?
  • How does pruning affect mass damping in tree canopies?
  • How does pruning and cabling affect windload forces on the stem?
  • How can we best measure and esimate tree stability?

All fascinating questions with some very complex answers. Frank Rinn, physicist from Rinntech in Germany and Jon Hartill Arborist will be discussing bio- mechanical concepts in trees.

Using arbortom tomograhy, arwilo wind load software and dynatim movement sensors they will demonstrate ways in which we can better understand how trees respond to both decay and wind load.

The practical sessions will include tree pulling and load measurements, tomography demonstrations and a central disscussion around how we really should be pruning trees.

14-00-16.00 Tree selection and use. Hagens plantskola, Hjo.

Fredrick Montalba of Hagens plantskola in Hjo will give you a tour of some special and slightly unusual trees from his tree nursery. In addition Fredrick will cover some basic identification features of trees which sometimes are not so easy to identify……………..can you distiguish between all the lime cultivars?

Don’t miss this tour and the chance to improve on you botanical knowledge.

17.00 Demo arena- Final hej då från SAF Styerelsen. Trade shows:

dealers will be present including main sponsor Forest Life!

By the shores of Lake Vättern in Hjo Stadspark.

1st september 08.00-late.
2nd September 08.00 16.00.

Fee: Inträde:
1 day 800 kr per person
Both days 1500 kr per person.

Non members 1000 kr per day or 2000 kr for both days.

Registration and payment to SAF bankgiro 203-0070 and e-mail your name to