Laddar Evenemang

Arb Camp 2017

Arb camp first began in Sweden in 2005 at Gunnebo Slott. Then called the ”Burning hitch” climbers met to climb together and share ideas in September, at the end of the climbing competition season, lots of ideas to share.

In 2010 we first ran a Scandinavian Arb Camp in Hjo on a more formal basis with practical workshops along with the usual tree sleep and festivities.

This year we will hold the event in Kungsbacka, Gothenburg.

The event is open for everyone, members and non members. All you need is an interest for trees and the work with trees. There will be the possibility to sign up as a member on site.


Felling and sharpening

Svante Hansson explains felling techniques and why and how we properly keep our chains sharp and fit for business.

Full of experience, knowledge and anecdotes.

If you work with a chain saw you want to attend to this workshop.


Rigging made easy

Angus McMahon from Sherbrooke Tree Services will be Presenting a Rigging WorkShop at this years 2017 Swedish ArbCamp!

The major problems that confront the modern tree worker have remained mostly unchanged for decades. However in contrast, the last decade has seen a remarkable wave of solutions to these problems – many in the form of new equipment.

How does the modern tree worker remain competitive and apply the right techniques and equipment, to remain safe and profitable? The solutions? Often the most productive solutions, are embedded in the raw basics.

This presentation is designed for new tree workers, or tree workers looking to broaden their understanding of rigging applications.

Angus will talk about basic systems; how to spot when they are beneficial, when to set them up, the benefits and the pitfalls.


Ben and Terry’s SRT workshop

Ben Minty Rose @benmintyrose and Terry Banyard @T4rry will be presenting a workshop on modern SRT techniques and tips.

Between Ben and Terry they have over a decade of SRT experience and their passion for modern climbing methods makes them a great duo for a Workshop.